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Autumn sampling at the green facades of MA31 and MA48

The green facades of our partners MA31 and MA48 have been visited for sampling on two occasions in November. A total of six different species were taken along with samples of tap water and substrate. The pictures below provide an overview of the facades of MA31 (left-hand side) and MA48 (right-hand side). At both sites, samples were taken at two different levels. As the building of MA48 is located at the corner of a cross-road, samples were taken at both fronts.

Due to the late time of the year, it was not possible to take samples of all species of interest, since some had already shed their leaves. Samples could be taken of wisteria floribunda, akebia quinata, lonicera henryi, nepeta x. fassenii, achillea millefolium and geranium macrorrhizum.