TecEUS and Urban Gardening

Team TecEUS
21 May 2021

In addition to the façade greening of the magistrates and the sampling of the River Wienfluss, urban gardens will also be examined for technology-critical elements this year. For this purpose, on 21.05.2021, 3 radish plants, tomatoes and pick lettuce were planted in each of the community gardens Tigergarten (Am Tigerpark, 1080 Vienna) and Paradeisgartl (Angyalföldstraße/Hans-Czermak-Gasse, 1210 Vienna). These will be sampled and analyzed during the summer months, during harvest time. In addition, substrate samples from the gardens will be tested for TCEs.

The pictures show impressions of the planting action on 21.05.2021. The radishes were grown from seed directly on site.


Montanuniversität Leoben

Chair of General and Analytical Chemistry
Johanna Irrgeher (PI)

Franz-Josef-Straße 18
8700 Leoben, AUSTRIA

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