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Master thesis of Susan Sauerbrey "Binding of particulate matter in cities by green infrastructures" completed

The master thesis of Susan Sauerbrey could be finished and defended with great success at the Institute of Soil Bioengineering and Landscape Construction at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna on June 28, 2022.

The thesis, which was developed within the TecEUS project and under the supervision of Ulrike Pitha and Philipp Spörl, deals with the filtering effect of particulate matter of green infrastructures in cities and is based on literature research on the one hand and on a field experiment on the other hand. In her work, Susan addresses various influencing factors, such as site conditions, meteorological conditions, but also the characteristics of leaves. In addition, a first evaluation matrix for the effectiveness of particulate matter binding by plants was developed from the results of the literature research and validated via data from the field experiments.

The entire TecEUS-Team congratulates Susan on the successful completion of the master’s programme “Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning” and wishes her all the best for the future!