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First method development results presented at ASAC JAF 2021

JunganalytikerInnen Forum 2021 (JAF2021 is an online symposium for Analytical Chemistry aimed at young scientists. At this conference, Simone Trimmel gave the talk “ICP-CRC-MS based methods for TCE-analysis in plants”, in which she presented first results of analytical experiments with selected TCEs. The experiments were conducted on the NexION 2000 of PerkinElmer (, a single-quadrupole ICP-MS instrument equipped with a collision/reaction cell. Analytical performance was compared between standard mode and DRC mode to evaluate the suitability of O2 and N2O as reaction gases for the analysis of Germanium, Niobium, Antimony and Tantalum.

Resulting from these experiments, enhanced sensitivities and calibration curve linearities as well as lower LODs could be demonstrated for all four investigated elements. Still, interferences limit the use of single quad instruments for some elements. Luckily, we will get PerkinElmer’s newest instrument NexION 5000 (, into our lab in the course of the next days. As an MS/MS system, it is expected to help us overcome this challenge.