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Participation at the European Forum Alpbach

From August 18th to 31st, Simone Trimmel (Montanuniversität Leoben) participated in the European Forum Alpbach (EFA, held in Tyrol, under the overarching theme of "Bold Europe." EFA serves as a unique convergence point for individuals from diverse backgrounds, including politics, business, civil society, culture, and science, fostering discussions and action-oriented initiatives aimed at shaping a robust and democratic Europe.

The thematic tracks offered valuable insights and new perspectives relevant to the project. EFA's emphasis on climate action resonated with TecEUS, as environmental sustainability is at the heart of both endeavors. Furthermore, understanding the economic dynamics within Europe deepens the understanding of the implications of the use of TCEs considered in TecEUS. In a complex global landscape, the discussions on Europe’s economic sovereignty shed light on the geopolitical factors that could impact the exploration of TCEs. Moreover, the theme of democracy contributes to the project's approach in engaging with stakeholders and the public.

Throughout her participation in EFA, Simone had the opportunity to engage with diverse perspectives and gain insights into pressing issues facing Europe. These insights can potentially enhance TecEUS' interdisciplinary approach.

Simone’s participation at EFA 2023 was financed by the Club Alpbach Styria ( after application to the funding program for young scientists.