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Paper published: Green and blue infrastructure as model system for emissions of technology-critical elements

The results of the ICP-MS/MS analysis of the green and blue infrastructure samples taken in the course of TecEUS were published in Science of the Total Environment by Simone Trimmel, Philipp Spörl, Daniela Haluza, Nagi Lashin, Thomas C. Meisel, Ulrike Pitha, Thomas Prohaska, Markus Puschenreiter, Elmar Rückert, Bernhard Spangl, Dominik Wiedenhofer and Johanna Irrgeher:

This study aimed to investigate the distribution of TCEs in urban aerosol by analysing leaf samples from green facades and Wienfluss river water samples. Leaf surface dust contributions were assessed by washing leaf samples and analysing the washing water. Higher levels of TCEs were found in leaf samples taken in the winter months and at lower storey levels, which points towards an association with de-icing materials and fossil fuel combustion. The publication presents the first comprehensive dataset including TCEs on a large urban sample set of its kind.