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First Wienfluss sampling

In addition to green infrastructures, the TecEUS project also examines blue infrastructures for the occurrence of technology critical elements. For this reason, samples were collected from the Wienfluss in consultation with MA45.

The first sampling activity at the Viennese river Wienfluss was conducted by our PhD students Philipp Spörl (BOKU) and Simone Trimmel (MUL) supported by our student trainee Julia Retter (MUL) on 16th of April, a cloudy and slightly windy spring day. Two sites were chosen to represent both the river’s entry to and its exit from the city of Vienna. The locations were situated in the district Hütteldorf and in the city park Stadtpark.

The water samples were taken using acid-cleaned 100 mL polypropylene bottles attached to a telescopic rod. The bottles were rinsed with river water before taking the final samples and were taken at a depth of approximately 50 centimeters in the mid of the river. 3 aliquots were taken at both sampling sites.

Conductivity and pH of the water were determined on site using a portable multi-parameter measuring device.
Luckily all toes involved stayed dry!