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TecEUS at the “Wiener Forschungsfest 2022“

Between 9th and 11th of September 2022, the 6th “Wiener Forschungsfest” took place in the Vienna City Hall. In a joint cooperation between BOKU Vienna (IBLB) and Montanuniversität Leoben the project TecEUS was integrated into the exhibition stand. The team consisted of Nagi Lashin (MUL), Anna Briefer, Christina Henöckl, Lars Mezger, and Philipp Spörl (BOKU) - showing families with children how plants can keep our city air clean. At this station, plant leaves of facade greening plants were playfully dyed with a color powder simulating street dust and observed under a microscope how this dust is caught by special microstructures, such as leaf hairs. At another internal station, visitors were able to learn which resources and associated elements are built into a cell phone. Thus, knowledge about rare earths and TCE's could be imparted to the visitors.

In total, over 10,000 visitors attended this event over the three days.

Further impressions of the festival can be found at