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Project meeting at BOKU Türkenschanze

On 2nd of December, the TecEUS-project partners (from left to right on the picture) Dominik Wiedenhofer (BOKU-SEC), Philipp Spörl (BOKU-IBLB), Simone Trimmel (MUL), Daniela Haluza (MedUni), Johanna Irrgeher (MUL), Ulrike Pitha (BOKU-IBLB) and Andre Baumgart (BOKU-SEC) met at BOKU Türkenschanze (Vienna) to reflect the progress made in 2022 and to plan the coming year. WP2 (Analytical Chemistry) is fully completed, whereas there are still tasks to do for the remaining work packages. In the course of WP3 (Urban spheres), the results of the multi-elemental ICP-MS analyses are currently under evaluation. For WP4 (wind tunnel box exposure experiments), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling performed by the Vienna University of Technology showed that the position of one of the particle measuring devices was unfavourable to provide reproducible results.
Therefore, optimizations of the wind tunnel and tests with a changed sensor position are planned. WP5 (Socio-ecological modelling) delivered estimations of TCE stocks and dissipation rates within Vienna linked to mobility and renewable energy sources. The outcome of WP3 are planned to be implemented in further investigations focussing on rare-earth elements. In the course of WP6 (Population & health impacts), 3 diploma theses around TCEs and their ecotoxicology were produced. Due to the challenging situation during the pandemic, the project was prolonged by FWF for one more year cost-neutrally and will thus continue until March 2024.